Get ready for an action packed day at Hard Target

The Rules

1. Gameplay

1. Gameplay

  • Listen to the game briefing before game play.
  • Eye protection must be warn at all times in the game areas.
  • No blind firing! If you can't see your target you can't shoot it!
  • We do not use the 'surrender' rule or 'bang' rule. If a player is within 5 meters range 1 BB is just as effective as 100.
  • If you sit down to reload in the game area you can get hit so take it.
  • If you stand around chatting you can get hit so take it.
  • NO camping at re-spawn points if you think this is happening inform a marshal.
  • Marshals decisions are final. If you disagree with a decision speak to an organiser.
  • If you have any questions then ask one of our marshals or contact us directly.
  • Minimum age is 12 years old.
  • Any threatening or abusive behaviour towards another player will result in you being removed from the site.
  • Anyone who physically assaults another player or member of staff will be banned from the site immediately.
  • No bad language at any time.
2. When Hit

2. When Hit

  • Shout 'HIT' and raise a hand in the air to indicate you are out.
  • 'TAKE YOUR HITS' airsoft is a game of honesty.
  • Gun hits and rebounds don't count as a kill.
  • If you see people not taking hits tell a Marshall, don't shout at them!
3. Gun Limits

3. Gun Limits

  • 365 FPS for AEG's and pistols.
  • 450 FPS for DMR
  • 500 FPS for bolt-action rifles.
  • Full auto minimum engagement is 10m, any closer and single shot only.
  • Minimum engagement for weapons over 365fps is 10 meters.
  • 8mm BB's are banned as we can't get them for use while checking FPS.
  • All guns will be checked before play.
  • Any guns over the limit will not be allowed in the game areas.
  • Random checks will be carried out throughout the day. Please don't be offended if you are chosen to be checked.
4. Safe Zone

4. Safe Zone

  • ​All Weapons must be empty before entering the safe zone and must remain so until you leave it!
  • Magazines must be removed from weapons, chambers cleared and safetys on at all times.
  • No dry-firing in the safe zone!
  • Go to the zeroing area to check or fire a weapon if required.
  • No weapons are to be on show in the car park, please use suitable cases/covers for your weapons.
  • The car park is part of the safe zone and the rules above apply at all times.
5. Re-Spawning

5. Re-Spawning

  • Re-spawn rules may vary depending on the game so listen to the brief at the start of every game.
  • Once hit make your way to the re-spawn point shown at the start of the game. Keep one hand raised to indicate you are hit.
  • Medic Healing (only played if in the game brief) - You can only be medic healed once then you must re-spawn at the re-spawn point. Each player may be issued a bandage before playing, keep it with you. When hit you can call for a medic and a player from your team can then tie your bandage on you. Once this is done you are back in the game.
  • If you are the medic and get hit before you finish tieing the bandage you are both hit.
  • You can wait to be healed or go to re-spawn.
  • If waiting for a medic sit, kneel or lie down with your hand in the air and call medic so not to be shot.
  • If a medic does not heal you in approximately 1 minute then you have to re-spawn.
  • Honesty counts do not wait 5 minutes for a medic.
6. Clothing & Eye Protection

6. Clothing & Eye Protection

  • Eye protection MUST be worn at all times unless in the safe zone.
  • Players not following this rule will be withdrawn from game play.
  • Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the site. This is for your own safety.
  • Full face protection is recommend. Choose not to do so at your own risk.
  • Under 18’s must wear FULL facial protection.
  • The woodland is uneven and there are many trip hazards so suitable footwear with good ankle support is recommended.

By attending Hard Target Airsoft you are agreeing to these rules.
Any player who ignores these rules will be removed from game play and persistent ignorance will result in removal from the site.
These rules are to try and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day and they apply to everyone.